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Sport at St Andrew's

Match Reports

Cyclocross Championships

Joseph Throp from Year 3 has taken part in the Regional Championship cycling race. He represented St Andrews on Saturday 1st December in the Under 9 Boys competition at Whitworth Park in Matlock. He had to cope with some horrible conditions as all the roads were very wet and muddy. He was 3rd for the first few laps then unfortunately, due to the hideous conditions, slipped on a root, causing him to have to stop. He managed to keep on going and came 5th overall! Well done Joseph! We are very proud of Joseph for representing St Andrews and wish him all the best in his next race!  Click here to see Joseph's certificate.

Wheelchair Basketball

Sportshall Athletics

Cricket Tournament 28th June 2018

On Thursday the 28th of June, 8 boys and 8 girls went to Coal Aston cricket ground to play cricket against other schools from around our area. The sun was shining all day and both teams played extrememly well! The girls won three out of their four games and the boys won two out of their four games! Well done to everyone who took part!

The Year 5 and 6 team did brilliantly and it was a great day had by all!

Sports Day 21st June 2018

On Thursday the 21st June 2018 we had our annual Sports Day! 

In the morning we had a carousel of games that required lots of different skills. We had the vortex throw, standing long jump, basketball, standing balance, hula hooping and long distance. At dinner time the points were added up and the scores were:

Monk: 385

Lees: 530

Kitchen: 390

Brind: 455

In the afternoon we had a brilliant opening ceremony which was led by the Year 6’s and Mrs Glossop! The races then started at around 1.15, Infants competed first then followed by the Juniors. The children competed in a variety of different races such as, egg and spoon, sprint, beanbag, obstacle, skipping, side step, three legged race, sack and of course the whole school relay. Once these races had finished the scores were added up once again and the final scores of the day were:

1st Monk

2nd Lees

3rd Brind

4th Kitchen

Well done to all of the children at St Andrews!

 Mini Tennis Tournament 14th June 2018

On Thursday 14th of June, the Year 3 Mini-Tennis team went to the District Final at Eckington Secondary School. They played amazingly and have WON the District Tournament. All four players had great games and proved they could not be beaten under such pressure! This means we have got through to the County Final! Well Done guys!


Quadkids Year 5 Event 24th May 2018

On the 24th May 2018 Year 5 went to a Quad-kids event at Mount St. Mary’s College. We competed against many schools from in and around Dronfield. In many events such as Javelin, long jump and running, people from our class came within the top three. In running we did especially well. Whilst competing there were many leaders (from year 9 at Eckington School) helping us throughout the day. As well as keeping us safe, the leaders also helped to make us feel cheerful and comfortable. However, the leaders were not the only people helping us. The teachers and parents also played a big role in making the day special from the start to the end of the day when we went home with a colossal smile on our faces.


Quadkids Athletics 7th June 2018

Kwik Cricket 16th June 2017


Vitality Move 24th April 2017

Basketball County Final 2nd March 2017

On the 2nd March 2017 St. Andrews School participated in a thrilling basketball tournament which produced some excellent teamwork and skills to the terrific matches. With St. Andrews being one of the many teams that were hoping to succeed in winning the tournament, it was going to be a tough contest throughout the competition for every team.

The first game for St. Andrews brought very little excitement as 0-0 was the score after an extremely boring affair against Glebe who held on very well against a frustrated St. Andrews team who had very high hopes on doing very well. With the 2nd game well underway, finally a basket was scored, Michael Wilson the proud goal scorer. Soon after this proud moment, the opponents, All Saints, equalised with an astounding goal to bring the score level pegging. With only a matter of seconds left in the game, the goal drought was eventually broken as Jacob Fieldhouse scored a vital goal which secured the win for St. Andrews.

The 3rd affair was definitely the tensest game of all. St. Andrews went 1 basket behind after moments of starting the game. A tactical switch was made by the manager, Mrs Marshall. Barnaby Smith was brought on as a substitute and saved the game for St. Andrews as he quickly scored 2 baskets which settled the win for the team. Game 4 was a total mismatch as Oakwood Junior School thrashed the hopeless St. Andrews team 6-0 because of their tall target player up front who bagged all the baskets for them. The group stages had now finished. It was time for the results.Thankfully, St. Andrews received just enough points to guarantee them a semi – final opportunity. St.  Andrews were to face Fairmeadows School in the semi – final. If they won this tough match, they were guaranteed a top 2 finish.At the start of this extremely important affair, Fairmeadows scored first which gave them the early advantage. Soon after though, Michael Wilson levelled the scoring with a very precise basket that brought them back on level terms. With the equaliser giving St. Andrews some confidence to keep attacking, they scored once again with Jacob Fieldhouse scoring the goal. With the momentum with St. Andrews, they scored again, Barnaby Smith getting on the score sheet. When the whistle finally went, St. Andrews were filled with joy, they had proceeded to the final!The final was against Oakwood school, who beat St. Andrews by 3 baskets, which was a disappointment. Beside this, St. Andrews still put up an amazing fight, scoring 2 baskets by Jacob Fieldhouse and Michael Wilson, but this just wasn’t enough. Oakwood scored 3 baskets which meant that they had won the competition.

Even though St. Andrews did lose the final, they tried their real hardest and performed as well as they could.


Tri-Golf District Competition 13th June 2016

On the 13th of June 2016 eighteen children attended a tri-golf competition at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School. We took three teams to the tri-golf and all teams did very well, A team came 1st with 45 points, B team came 3rd  with 52 points and C team came 4th. Altogether there was 4 schools competing to win the trophy, we  WON!!!

Each team went to a station and had to get the ball in the hoop with the least amount of hits. At the end each team would add how many hits they got on all the different stations, the team with the least hits altogether wins the competition.

Tag Rugby County Finals Report for 20th May 2016

On the 20th May 2016, St. Andrews participated in the thrilling event of tag rugby [which is Mrs Marshalls favourite sport] which was tense all the way through. With high hopes in proceeding through the county finals for the first time this year, the rugby team were pumped up, ready to finish the rugby season on a high.

St. Andrews had Grange School waiting for them nervously on the pitch, ready for the first match of the competition. With a great start to the county finals, St. Andrews went through the game with a steady scoreline of 9-6 to St. Andrews. Feeling confident, St. Andrews were ready to play games 2 and 3 and ready to win.

Game 2 was a tougher challenge against Clifton as they had a super star player which led their team onto victory with a score of 7-5.

Although St. Andrews lost their last game, they still kept their heads held up high as they pulled off an amazing comeback after being behind by 5 tries to level the scoring to 6-6 . St. Andrews had made a good improvement though they still didn’t go through the game with a win.

Anthony Bek were St. Andrews’ final opponents in the group stages. St. Andrews really had to put on a winning performance and hope that other results went their way to be able to proceed to the semi finals . With a nervous wait up to the last game, St. Andrews won the game by a considerable margin to say the least as the score ws an astounding 8 tries to 1.

With every team feeling the pressure whilst the results were being confirmed, St. Andrews’ pressure was building up until they felt utterly relieved as they had just nicked 2nd place which meant St. Andrews would play Breadsall in the semi final.

With a thrilling encounter between two former winners of the tournament, these teams played to impress as the awesome game finished in a unbelievable scoreline of 7-6 to St. Andrews which means they have successfully proceeded to the grand FINALE!!!

Everyone was feeling extremely nervous, even Mrs Marshall quoted it was very tense as She was even biting her fingernails in nervousness. The Game had begun just before the team couldn’t take all the pressure. It was entering the latter part of the game and at the last minute, Homefields [St. Andrews’ opponents in the final] snatched an equaliser which lead to a 9-9 draw which meant extra time was needed.

This tight contest sparkled and shined as both teams had brought their hard work in training here on the pitch. Although both teams deserved to win, there could only be one winner. With a late try from Flinn Jones, the victory was theirs as the final whistle had blown. They had won the County Finals of Tag Rugby!

As they lifted the trophy in dear happiness, how hard had they worked and trained, discussing formations and trying new things, everyone who was a part of the team should be congratulated for how much effort they had put into everything leading up to this golden moment. All their work had been worth doing as everything St. Andrews had done has just paid off.

Written by Jacob Fieldhouse.


Fun to Run Report for 14th April 2016

On Thursday the 14th April the year two’s and three’s went to a running event at Henry Fanshaw astro – turf  there were four running games and as a finale there was one big final run! One of the activities was jumping over hurdles another was running/weaving through poles the next was sprinting around the field but at your own pace and the last one was sprinting and bunny hopping back! Throughout we ran 5000 miles!        

Some children from year 3 and year 2 have thought of something that they have enjoyed or have done at the fun to run event!

Evangeline in Y3 said joyfully “I liked when we had to go backwards though the poles with Alicia in year 2!”

Abigail in Y3 giggled “I was in a group with Seth and Jonathan. My favourite bit was the hurdles. Fun to run was so good however it was really tiring!”

Jessica D in Y3 said “It was tiring but amazing at the same time!”

Martha in Y3 said “I enjoyed the pole obstacle course a lot because Alfie’s uncle, Will did it and we got to walk in between the poles backwards. I nearly fell over!!! I also enjoyed the hurdles because you got to race agenised other teams and you had to jump over them do a two footed jump over them and also jump sideways over them!!!”

Jake in Y3 said “We ran around the astro – turf twice and it was over 200m.”

Millie in Y3 giggled “It was really fun doing all the activities but I hated all the astro – turf you got in your shoes.”  

Abigail in Y3 called “Seth won the second to last race which surprised me and I came second right behind him!”

Finley in Y2 shouted happily “I liked the bit were you had to go in and out of the poles!”

Alicia in Y2 said “I enjoyed running very fast.”

Connor in Y2 said “I also liked running around the astro – turf really fast. I won all two races!”

Tag Rugby District Tournament Report for 10th March 2016

On the 10th March 2016 St Andrews took 11 students to Tupton Hall School for a tag rugby tournament. We played 7 games in our group which were against: Parkhouse, Killamarsh, Gorseybrigg, Tupton Primary, Holmgate and Immaculate Conception. We won most of our games with ease apart from one game that we’d expected to be hard, this game was against Gorseybrigg luckily our team pulled through and won - the score for that game was 9 tries to 7. After we had played that game we all went to find out our results and we had beaten everyone in group 2, that was the group we were in. That meant that we were through to the final.

The final was a tough game but we won by 1 tri. Here is the team that we took to the event: Tilly, Annie, Amber, Ed, Flinn, Kieran, Ellis, Callum, Elliot, Sam and Luke. Mrs Marshall was there every step of the way and Mr Jones was there to help us with our training sessions. 

Written by Annie, Tilly and Ed

Basketball County Finals Report for Thursday 3rd March 2016

Since St Andrews successfully proceeded and won the last round of basketball, they were up against an even tougher competition with other teams having their eyes on the prize. With St Andrews feeling confident, they hoped that the run of excellent form would continue with 9 even rougher and tougher opponents standing in their way.

With the first match approaching them, St Andrews were discussing the tactics and planning on smashing the scoreboard whilst playing with teamwork. But as soon as the match started, the tables had turned as St Andrews were 2 baskets down against a Harper Hill side who had got off to a running start. With baskets from Kieran Blanksby and Tilly Mycroft still wasn’t enough to clench St Andrews their first victory.

With St Andrews hoping to bounce back after their bad start, game 2 was an improvement from the last but still ended in a defeat but only by a slender margin of 2 points. With St Andrews and their opponents reaching the halfway point of their league, St Andrews really needed to get a grip if they wanted to be victorious.

St Andrews were off to a bright start with 2 perfect baskets from Edward Taylor which put them in a winning position. With Fair Meadows striker bagging lots of baskets, St Andrews were in deep trouble but never gave up. As St Andrews came on an amazing comeback on both of their 2 matches, they managed to clench 2 important victories which could of helped them proceed to the semi-finals.

With the results finally in, it was a close finish but St Andrews just missed out although their efforts just didn’t prove enough.



Dance Platform report for Monday 29th February 2016

On the 29th of February Y4 went to the Chesterfield theatre for the dance platform. The dance platform is an event that is held every year. It is held at the Winding Wheel Theatre.

Each year at the event there is a theme,this years theme was the Olympics since the Rio Olympics are being held this year.

In the afternoon approximately 592 children performed.

11 Schools went to the Dance Platform .In the afternoon Also Tupton Hall children (Y10+Y12) helped out at the Winding Wheel. At the end after every dance some of the children from the Tupton children did a closing dance.    


Sports Hall Athletics Report for Thursday 25th February 2016

On the 25th February 2016, St. Andrew’s School participated in the North East Derbyshire finals of Sports Hall Athletics. With a tough mission ahead of them, St. Andrew’s hoped they could exceed their expectations in winning the tournament.

The girls were the first competitors for every team. With races short and long, hard and technical, the St. Andrew’s girls got off to a steady start with other races yet to come. The Over-under race, Obstacle relay and 6-lap paluf seemed the hardest but St. Andrew’s proceeded with talent and tried as best as they could. 

When all of the teams had reached the halfway point of the event, it was time for the boys to shine as they to redeem as many points as possible to secure that they might win the tournament. The boys started their races with passion and perseverance as they cruised through the challenging events winning 3 and the team still in hope as they could still clench the trophy.

With only two races remaining, it was time for the grand finale… The Relays! The girls relay went pretty well as they came a very well deserved 2nd place in their relay. The boys put on a well worth watching relay as they secured which was a difficult race, a well-deserved 1st place. 

Since all the races had finished, it was time for the results. With Deer Park coming 1st, St. Andrew’s came an astounding 2nd place. Although St. Andrews didn’t win, they were still happy that they came so far and came so close to victory!

Written by Jacob Fieldhouse.


Basketball Tournament Report for Thursday 28th January 2016

On the 28th January 2016 on Wednesday, Y5 & Y6 participated in a thrilling Basketball contest in which 18 teams came to play. The first match was St Andrews team A vs. Northfield Juniors. We won 18-0 with hat tricks from Flinn Jones and Barnaby Smith. In game 2, 3, and 4, St Andrews faced Stonelow, Gorsey Brigg and Deer Park and successfully won them all with scores of 4-0, 14-0 and 18-0 and with baskets from Michael Wilson and Captain Samuel Lee. Since winning the group stages, St Andrews team A and B carried on into the Final and unexpectedly were opponents against each other. The score was an emphatic 2-0 but both teams played extremely well. Immacculate Conception were St Andrews team A last opponents. St Andrews A won 7-4 which meant they proceeded to the next round.All the team enjoyed themselves and lifted their trophy in honour, THEY HAD WON!!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed our reportJacob F and Elliott F


Photographs taken by Caleb B

Sports Hall Athletics Report for Monday 18th January 2016

Report by Edward, Sienna and Tilly

On the 18th of January, 15 pupils from St. Andrews Primary School took part in a sports hall athletics competition at The Dronfield School. Seven schools took part including Dronfield Juniors, Stonelow, Northfield, William Levick, Gorsey Brigg, us and Barlow. The boys 4 by 1 relay team were Ciaran, Ed, Kieran and Isaac we won the relay by a mile. We won the javelin because of Flinn and Georgia and we are very proud of all the people who took part. We got spirit of the games for helping Barlow compete. Overall we came 1st,Stonelow came 2nd and Dronfield Juniors came 3rd.

Cross Country Report for Thursday 22nd October 2015

On the 22nd of October 2015, children from years four, five and six took part in a Cross Country competition. We went to the high school in Eckington and competed against children from all over North East Derbyshire. The weather was lovely and we had a great time, even though the hill was very steep. The year six class came third so year six got a place in the top three.
By Barnaby and Sienna

Football report for Monday 5th October 2015

Report by Flinn and Kieran

At 3.15pm on Monday 5th October, the boys’ football squad gathered in the shared area and started to prepare for our big matches ahead. We were all nervous for our first match at 3.45pm against William Levick and we had a victory of 2-0. In our 2nd match against Northfield 2 we won 3-0: we were doing great. In our 3rd match we beat Stonelow 3 4-0. Our biggest match, it was Stonelow 1 the  tension was rising our nerves were high; as it was coming to the final minute-they scored- we were determined to win but we couldn’t do anything … the whistle blew. The semi-final had come we were against Northfield 1 and the final whistle blow neither of us two schools scored; and it came down to penalties it was 4-3 to them. We lost. However we were in the 3rd and 4th playoff against Stonelow We lost 1-0, but are proud that we played well and finished 4th out of 10 teams. Thank you to Mrs Marshall, Mr Clapham, Mr Hall and Mr Fieldhouse.                                                                          

The players:Flinn, Kieran, Callum, Edward, Ciaran, Isaac, Michael, Seth, Luca, Jacob.