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Children's Wellness and Wellbeing Resources

Children's Mental Health Week 2022


Past Children's Mental Health Week Resources

Supporting your Child's Mental Health 


Wellness and Wellbeing Resources 

Please find below useful resources to use with your children. 

◊ Wellness with SHAPE ◊

Wellness Videos 

Wellness with SHAPE 1 :                               

Wellness with SHAPE 2:        

Wellness with SHAPE 3 :         

Yoga Videos             

Wellness Yoga with SHAPE 1:    

Wellness Yoga with SHAPE 2 :                

Wellness Yoga with SHAPE 3 :   


◊ Managing Stress and Anxiety ◊

What does anxiety look like?

The Stress Relief Giraffe 

Express your anger - It is OK to be angry 

Express you sadness- It is OK to be sad. 

◊ Resilience Books ◊ 

◊ SHAPE Partnership- Wellbeing session ◊

Our wonderful PE Partnership have created some wellbeing videos. Each week there will be a new one uploaded onto the website, so keep your eye out! 

Arctic Adventures- 

Jungle Explorer -

Deep Sea Diver-

Mountain Climbers- Lesson 4- Mountain Climbers -

Lesson 5- Natural Disasters -

Lesson 6- Local Area -

◊ Mindfulness Resources ◊

Mindfulness colouring

Mindfulness for children- videos

The Mindful Jar Activities

My Five Senses Scavenger Hunt

Benefits of Music

Lego Challenges

Cosmic Kids Yoga-

Children's Meditation- 

Click on the link to take you to the site. On the left hand side of the screen are links to more guided meditation for children. 

◊ Promoting Values ◊

Kindness Calendar - PDF

Kindness Calendar - Word

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt 

◊ Lockdown/COVID 19 Resources ◊

Family Positive and Gratitude Booklet- to support families that are self-isolating.

 ◊ General Wellbeing and Wellness Resources ◊

The Empty Cup

Self Care idea for children 

How to Journal - Year 2- Year 6

Express Yourself- Activities 

My Mental Health Booklet KS2

5 ways to Wellbeing Information

Lucy's Blue Day

Non-Screen Time Activities 

The Boy, the mole and the fox- Motivational Book 

Breathing Video -

◊  BBC Teach - PSHE Lessons ◊

KS1 Lessons- 

KS2 Lessons- 

Monthly Activities and Challenges

30 acts of kindness 1 

30 acts of kindness 2

30 days of Art and DT 

30 days of fitness

30 days of STEM challenges

30 days of life skills 

30 days of summer fun 

30 random acts of fun 


Anti-Bullying Resources




Useful Resources and Links

Websites to support children's mental health 


Click on the links below for resources and guidance on how to support your child's mental health. They are designed to help parents and carers spot the signs that children may be struggling with their mental health and support them, and also provides advice that can help maintain good mental wellbeing. The sites also provides tools to help young people build resilience and equips them to look after their mental wellbeing.

Dealing with anxiety -

Every Mind Matters -

Young minds parents’ survival guide -

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families -