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Useful Links for Reception

**NEW**  Term 4 Reading Challenge     Reading Challenge Stickers

Handwriting Letter Formation Families

Instructional Aid for Letter Formation

Reception Don't Forget Writing Checklist

Phase 2 and 3 Sound Mat

Supporting Children's Mental Health

World Book Day Thursday 4th March

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, we are launching our special reading challenge this week 'The Julia Donaldson Reading Challenge'! (W/C 1.3.21). In our afternoon Teams call on Monday, Mrs Skelton will explain our reading challenge and get you started!

Website Links for Julia Donaldson stories

Julia Donaldson Reading Challenge Printable (Optional)

Letter to parents 'Julia Donaldson Reading Challenge'

Home Learning Term 4

Week 2 Home Learning

Monday 1st March

Label the Police Car

Maths Number Cards 2-28

Tuesday 2nd March

Cops and Robbers Matching pictures to descriptions

Cops and Robbers Challenge Matching correct picture to description  

Maths Number Cards 3-27

Wednesday 3rd March

Robbers of London Town pictures

Maths Activity 1

Maths Activity 2

Thursday 4th March 

Book Scavenger Hunt list and grid

An example of a completed Book Scavenger Hunt

Answers to Hidden Book Characters

Maths Activity 1

Maths Activity 2

Maths Challenge Activity 3

Friday 5th March

Have You Seen..? Writing template

Maths Activity 1

Maths Activity 2

Phonics Weekly Overview 

Sam the cat

Letter formation sheet for lower case and capital letters  

Phonic lesson on ow pp (Tuesday)

Ow worksheet 

Unscramble the caption (phase 2)

Alphabet maze activity 

Rhyming lesson PP (Thursday)

Rhyming string activity (Thursday)

Rhyming activity (phase 2)

Afternoon Activities

Good Friday PP

Cross Template

Warrant badge 


Week 1 Home Learning 

Monday 22nd February 

Charlie the Firefigher PP

Ordering the story activity

Feeding the mini-beasts maths activity

Tuesday 23rd February

1 star job speech/thought bubble activity  

2 star job speech/ thought bubble activity

Frog on a log maths activity 

Frogs for the maths activity 

Wednesday 24th February 

What do Firefighters do? PP

Firefighter word mat 

Thursday 25th February

A cat in the tree reading book 

Friday 26th February 

When I grow up I what to be activity 

Phonics Weekly Overview

I Spy Board

Tuesday    1 star job     2 star job     3 star job

Comprehension Activity    Phase 2    Phase 3

Picture Cards    Phase 2    Phase 3

Activity Mats      Phase 2     Phase 3 

Recapping segmenting and blending Alphablocks Link

Recapping segmenting and blending Phase 2 phonemes: 

Writing cvc words                                                      

Identifying a middle sound                                           

Identifying a missing sound

Afternoon Activities

All About Palm Sunday

Palm Leaf Template

Hand print Fire Fighters Instructions

Dough Disco


Home Learning Term 3

Week 6 Home Learning 

Monday 8th February

Handwriting Letter Formation Families

Word Shape Formation worksheet

Hoops for Shape Sorting

Tuesday 9th February

Getting Ready Word Mat

Don't Forget Writing Checklist

Wednesday 10th February

New Years Day Word Mat

Hunt the Toy

Thursday 11th February

Celebrating Word Mat

Writing Template for Dragon and Lion Dance

Zodiac Animal Positional Language

Friday 12th February

The Lantern Festival Word Mat

Writing Template for The Lantern Festival 

Sorting 2d and 3d Shape

Colouring 2d and 3d Shapes by Name

Phonics Weekly Overview

Phase 3 Letter Sound PowerPoint 

Tuesday:The sound button game Powerpoint

Igh and oa matching activity

Phase 2 cvc word building activity

Thursday: The long oo PowerPoint 

Afternoon Activities 

Chinese food PowerPoint 

Plate template 

Information on China PowerPoint

Mindful Colouring

Chinese Dragon Template

Map of China

Chinese flag

How to make a Lantern


Week 5 Home Learning 

 Monday 1st February  

Goldilocks and The Three Bears story

I spy and count activity

Tuesday 2nd February

Story map ordering activity 

Number recognition and representation activity 

Wednesday 3rd February 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears writing activity

Board game template

Thursday 4th February 

Bear Facts reading activity 

Label a bear activity 

Sharing activity

Friday 5th February 

Ordering race cars

Phonics Weekly Overview

Monday Reading Sentences Flashcards

Tuesday Reading Sentences Flashcards

Quick Read PowerPoint

Is it a 'ng', 'ai' or 'ee' sound? worksheet

Phase 2 I Spy Game

Oxford Owls Little Blending Books

Afternoon Activities

The Three Bears Cutting Skills

The Three Bears Pencil Control

Reception Active Alphabet


Can you find..?  Bear Poster

What are Feelings?


 Week 4 Home Learning

Monday 25th Jan

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story

An example of a story map for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Tens Frame

Tuesday 26th Jan

All About Kindness PowerPoint

First, Then, Now stories

Adding two number together using a number line (1-20)

Wednesday 27th Jan

First, Then, Now Stories Using a Tens Frame

Thursday 28th Jan

First, Then, Now Stories Using a Number Line

Friday 29th Jan

Story Template

Number card questions

Number cards 0-5

 Phonics weekly overview

Phase 2 letter sounds PP

Phase 2 Eye spy game 

Phase 2 tricky words

Phase 3 letter sounds PP

Ch and sh worksheet

Tricky words phase 3

Reading th words extension exercise

Afternoon Activities

Cutting activity 

Magic potion experiment

Jewels for outdoor learning


Week 3 Home Learning 

Monday 18th Jan 

Reading activity 

The Gingerbread Man story 

One more and two more activity 

Tuesday 19th Jan

Tens Frame

Wednesday 20th Jan


Letters and sounds PP Phase 2

Letters and sounds PP Phase 3

Ordering numbers 

Thursday 21st Jan 

Gingerbread word mat

Friday 22nd Jan

Ordinal numbers activity 

Gingerbread recipe

Ordering a set of instructions

 Afternoon Activities

The Gingerbread Man Cutting Skills

The Gingerbread Man Pencil Control

The Gingerbread Man template

'Pass It On' worksheet to accompany the story Pass It On by Sophy Henn


Week 2 Home Learning 

Welcome to Home Learning Letter

Monday 11th Jan 

Tuesday 12th Jan 

The Three Little Pigs Story Map

Information for Letter Formation

Wednesday 13th Jan

The Three Little Pigs Stick Puppets

I spy Number 8

Thursday 14th Jan

Number 9 Number Block

Friday 15th Jan 

Afternoon Activities

Materials PowerPoint 

Materials worksheet

Cutting activity

Kindness poster

Dough Disco

 Week 1 Home Learning

 Please click here to find week 1 home learning.

Rose Speech Bubble

The Magic Porridge Pot Addition worksheet

Magic Porridge Pot 

Letter Formation Sheet

 For information on helping your child with their reading please click here.

The children have been very busy settling into school and making new friends.  We would like to share some of the things we have been doing with you.  Please click here to view our photographs.