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Hello Year 2!

Please use this webpage to find information about learning in Year 2. 

Over the next few weeks more information will be added to the webpage.

The Amazon Rainforest


This half term's topic is 'The Amazon Rainforest'.  This is an amazing topic!  We will find out about the animals and people who live there and why the Amazon Rainforest is so important to the rest of the world.

Useful Information

Our P.E days are Monday and Friday.  Children will need their indoor and outdoor kits in school for the duration of the week.  Please ensure all items of their P.E. kits are labelled.  

Homework - Reading 

Children in Year 2 are expected to read their school reading book for 15 minutes, 5 times a week.  Please encourage your child to complete their reading homework and achieve their 'Gold Reading Challenge' each half term.

If your child has not been able to change their book during the school day they can find extra books to read using the Oxford Owls website. 

Homework - Spellings

Please practise the Year 2 spellings using the link below.  Your child needs to practise their spellings each week, at home, for a spelling test during the w/c 13th December.  Please practise the spellings for their particular group.  Parents were sent emails last term informing them which group their child is in. Please contact school if you have any queries.

Spellings Year 2 Term 5 Group 1

Spellings Year 2 Term 5 Group 2

Spellings Year 2 Term 5 Group 3

 Homework - Times Tables

This half term your child's maths homework is to practise the 5 times tables:-  0x5=0  to 12x5 =60 and the 3 times table:- 0x3=0 to 12x3=36.  They need to be able to recall the 5 and 3 times table, in random order.  Year 2 will have a times tables test every Friday.

Practise your 5 x tables with Percy Parker!

Practise your 3 x tables with Penguin!

 Homework - Topic and Tell

Topic and Tell is a super way for children to mix learning at home with learning at school.  Children are encouraged to bring to school something related to the current topics. This may be a drawing, painting, model, poem, piece of writing - anything they have made/created themselves about our current topics.  The children will be given the opportunity to display their work and talk about it with their class.  Children can bring items to school as and when they want.

 Useful Websites

Below are some useful website to help you learn your times tables.

Hit the Button

Coconut Multiples

Maths Fishing

Below is a website link to help you learn Y2 Common Exception Words

Little Bird Spelling


Squeebles is an excellent spelling app; input the Year 2 spellings for this half term, and the children learn to spell the words whist playing games.

Literacy Skills

Small Town Superheroes helps children practise different Year 2  literacy skills



This term we are learning about Shape.  Practise some of the skills you have learnt in school by playing the games on the websites below. 


Play these game to practise telling the time!

Practise reading the times:- o'clock and half past, in words. 

Reading Scales

The games below with help you read scales.



 The Year 2 children have been learning about The Great Fire of London.  The children worked in small groups to produce their own dramatisation of how the fire started.

Year 2