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Home Learning

Past home learning can be found at the bottom of this section.

Reading - How to Train Your Dragon

Click here for Chapter 1 and 2.
Click here for Chapter 3
Click here for Chapter 4
Click here for Chapter 5 and 6 - read Chapter 5 before our morning Teams meeting on Monday 2nd March. Read Chapter 6 before Tuesday 3rd March.

Word mat
Vocabulary:    Chapter 1        Chapter 2        Chapter 3        Chapter 4
Chapter 5              Chapter 6

Week 2 - 1.3.21

OPTIONAL: If you would like to make a model aqueduct on Thursday/Friday as part of your topic lesson, you will need: a cereal box, scissors and sticky tape, plain cards, pens or paint, a plastic cup and a cardboard kitchen roll tube, cut in half lengthways and covered in sticky tape or sticky plastic to make it waterproof

Home Learning tasks for Monday 1st March
Home Learning tasks for Tuesday 2nd March
Home Learning tasks for Wednesday 3rd March
Home Learning tasks for Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March

Extra World Book Day Activities (optional)

Thursday is World Book Day! Click the links below for some World Book Day activities:

World Book Day £1 books - click on each cover to find out more
Submit your questions ready for the live event on Wednesday 3rd March - Books That Make You LOL 
Listen to some free audiobooks - available until 28th March
Design a National Book Token competition
Reading Recommendations
Top 100 Stories to Share
Virtual School Library

Finished Jobs

If you have finished your work, here are some activities for you to do:

KS2 Activity Book and Answers
Spring Activity Book
Vocabulary Ninja Games
Hit the Button - Times Tables
Have a go at the February Active Calendar with challenges for every day

Roman Borders
Roman Alphabet
Roman Artefacts
Roman Recipes

Maths Resources

CLIC 10 and answers
CLIC 13 and answers

CLIC 14 and answers
Learn Its 10 and answers
Learn Its 14 and answers

Here are some step-by-step videos for each question on your CLIC. Make sure you look at which CLIC you are on first!

Y4 Maths Games for Home

English Resources

Writing Expectation Mats
DADWAVERS Sentence Starters
Derbyshire Library eBook Set Up
Book Trust

Other Resources

10 minute Brain Breaks
Peace Out Meditation
Science Activities with Maddie Moate
Go Sketch Club
Art John
Tate Kids
Ducksters History

Past Home Learning

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English word mats for Thursday
Friday 26th February


Remember to practise your spellings every week on Purple Mash. If you aren't sure which group you are in, ask Miss Lindley.

Spelling Menu - different activities to help you practise your spellings

Spring term 2 spellings

Spring term 1 spellings

Autumn term 2 spellings

Autumn term 1 spellings 


Here are some brilliant links to help you with your learning!

Hit the Button

Learn a new times table in 5 days

DK Find Out

Maths Zone

Maths Chase


World Geography Games

Learn a Language with Duolingo

An Hour of Code

Mystery Science