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Olympics Resources


Celebrate the Olympics by joining in with these challenges! Click on the link to find out more!,1QVLH,60Q9EP,5ZMF6,1  

Olympics Home Learning Resources 

GetSet understand COVID-19 is affecting schools nationwide so they’ve bundled together a range of free activities, challenges and learning resources that can help support learning at home. Get inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games today! Click on the links to take you to a variety of different resources to engage and encourage your children in physical activity all related to the Olympics!  

Active Challenge- All about Japan
Home Learning Activity Pack
Active Indoors
Activity with no equipment
Design your own sports equipment
Improve your personal best


Olympic Six Themes

The resources below are take from various different classroom activities, they have been bundled them together into six themes for you to explore. Each download contains various PDFs, with activity guides, information sheets and activity sheets to support different activities. Read the short introduction notes below the find out more about each resource! Click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the resources for the six themes. Can you try and complete at least one activity from each theme? Good Luck!



Tokyo 10 Minute Activities 


Tokyo Ten activities provide simple ways to get active with family or classmates. All you need is 10 minutes and simple equipment, and you will find discover new, simple ways to get moving. Pupils will: try new activities and active games, practise their coordination and balance, and get creative with their movements. Curriculum focus: PE, PSHE. 
Tee Time
Listen Up
Rope Games 
Jump To It
Be Boulder
Where's The Ball?
Cheer Up
Count Me In
On Target
House Workout
Sofa Serves
TV Triathlon
Radio Taiso
Where's The Pair?
Quick Change
Knee Tag
Handy Hitter
Snow Battle
Duster Dodge
Random Rountines


Mascot Challenge 

Please find the links below for more information about how to take part in the competition! 
ACTIVITY INFORMATION. Recommended age group: 5–11 and 11–16 Time required: two 45–60 min sessions Equipment: printed design sheets, drawing and/or arts and crafts materials