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St. Andrews CE Methodist Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Our Approach to Teaching Learners with SEND

At St Andrew’s, we ensure that all pupils in our school are equally valued by having equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities.

  • We have effective management systems and procedures in place for SEND, taking into account the current Code of Practice (2014).
  • We have successful communication between teachers, children with SEND, parents of SEND children, Teaching Assistants who run intervention groups and outside agencies.
  • We acknowledge and draw on parents’ knowledge and expertise in relation to their own child.
  • Through the Person Centred Review meetings the children are encouraged to take an increasingly active role in their targets, progress and next steps.
  • We are committed to developing the knowledge and skills of all the staff to ensure a personalised curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils through inclusive practice.
  • We have an effective review cycle throughout intervention groups that allows us to monitor, review and plan for the next steps of development based on the ASSESS, PLAN, DO, REVIEW cycle.
  • We ensure that consideration for SEND crosses all curriculum areas and all aspects of teaching and learning.


The SEND code of practice

  • A statutory Code of Practice came in to force in September 2014 force with a new focus on a coordinated response that is shared between Education, Health and Social Care.
  • The categories “School Action” and “School Action Plus” have also been redefined and schools continue to support these children under the new heading of “SEN Support”. Regular meetings with parents to monitor progress continue in the same way as has previously been the case.
  • The Local Authority is required is require by law to publish its “Local Offer” . This simply aims to pull information about available services into one place to make it clear and accessible to all children and their families. This “Offer” is available on the Derbyshire County Council website, or by clicking here.
  • Schools are also required to publish information about the “School Offer” or Information Report. This comprises contact information, links to the Local Offer, the schools own Special Educational Needs Policy and any other relevant information.

St Andrew’s Local Offer

OUR school SEND policy can be found in the Our School section of our website, under Policies and Documents.